How We Do It: Using Smart Objects with Smart Filters

How We Do It: Using Smart Objects with Smart Filters

Smart objects and filters are a super powerful tool when it comes to using mockups. Traditionally using filters in Photoshop was permanent and “destroyed” the layer. Meaning if you wanted to go back and edit the filter on that layer, you couldn’t. Enter: Smart Filters! These changed the game, especially for mockups! This meant that using Smart Objects with Smart Filters, we could make our mockups look even more realistic than ever before.

With our mockups we use the Displace filter which uses a map we create to wrap your design to the folds and wrinkles of whatever mockup you’re using. This means that the design doesn’t sit on top of the mockup, it wraps and follows the contours of the garment making it look truly printed on.

The great thing about using smart filters and smart objects is it allows the user to add, change and edit their designs anytime they want whilst still retaining the realism that the Displace filters gives. A huge factor when trying to create the most realistic mockups for your socials and websites.

By using our mockups we want to make it impossible to tell that this is a mockup. We want the people who see the mockups to assume these are professional photos taken in a professional studio by professionals. That’s it!

We’re always looking to the future and what else is possible with Photoshop and how we can take our mockups to the next level!

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