How to Create Product Images That Sell

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Creating great looking product images can be daunting. Bad lighting, blurry photos, cheap camera, there are so many ways it can go wrong. Want a way to eliminate all of those problems? Use a mockup. We’ve already gone through all the trouble of lighting, taking sharp photos and using professional equipment to create our amazing mockup sets. Now we’ll show you how to use them to make high quality images that will help you sell your products!


First up, choosing a mockup. Today we’re going with the classic Bella + Canvas 3001 T-Shirt and pairing it with our Lifestyle Scene Creator to make a clean, visually appealing product image that will help your customers see what your t-shirt could look like when paired with other items and accessories!

After you’ve placed your design on the shirt (shoutout Chinatown Market 😉) and chosen a color, it’s time to pick some items to pair with the t-shirt. You can totally just go with the white background and nothing else. This would work best for the product images on your website, but if you want to take it a step further for your socials, do it. Try to keep it simple, 2-3 small items. You want to avoid cluttering the image and taking focus away from the thing you’re trying to sell.

We went with a Gucci wallet, gold chain and Rayban sunglasses. Make sure to spread them and lay them out as naturally as possible. We also added a shadow overlay to imitate the photo being taken in a studio with natural lighting and natural shadows.

So go be creative and play around, there are no rules and so many options to choose from!


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