Bella + Canvas: Changing Colors & Fabrics

Bella + Canvas: Changing Colors & Fabrics

Included with our Bella + Canvas mockups is a complete set of fabrics and colors that is constantly evolving as Bella + Canvas add more and more to their collection!

To add a new color or fabric open up the color library PSD of your choice. Inside here is where you'll find all the options. There are a number of ways you can add the fabric into the mockup. Here are a few...

Firstly you can right click on the color/pattern layer you want, select Duplicate Layer and select the destination as the mockup. This will move the layer into the mockup file then you'll need to move the layer inside the Fabrics folder, above the custom color layer. This will keep the file size down.

Similar to the first step, you can duplicate the entire contents of the Colors or Heathers/Blends folders into the mockup file. Follow the same steps as above except duplicate the folder. This makes changing colors easier, but the file size will increase. Remember to move the folder inside the Fabrics folder Option three only works with the heathers and blends as these can be copied and pasted. Select the layer you wish to add to your mock up (make sure it's visible) then go Select > All and then Edit > Copy. Once that's done, go to your mockup file and paste the layer.

Finally, move the layer so that it sits above the Shirt Color fill layer. There are a number of other ways you can add the colours, heathers or blends to your mockup. Using the HEX codes, drag and drop etc.

But these are the three simplest ways and how we recommend you go about it!

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